Yellow Landscape by Geoff SayerPainting detailsEnlarge
My Brother's Runners by Ray PearcePainting detailsEnlarge
Cedar Panel Suite 3 by Ian WellsPainting detailsEnlarge
Striation 2 by Tom MetcalfPainting detailsEnlarge
Towards Macedon by Jeffery MurrellPainting detailsEnlarge
Push by Ray PearcePainting detailsEnlarge
Forms of the Landscape by Jeffery MurrellPainting detailsEnlarge
New Life by Louise PurtellPainting detailsEnlarge
Blue Landscape by Geoff SayerPainting detailsEnlarge
Lake Wellington Shoreline by Jeffery MurrellPainting detailsEnlarge
The Four Seasons by Ross TrebilcockPainting detailsEnlarge
Exodus by Ray PearcePainting detailsEnlarge
Panorama by Geoff SayerPainting detailsEnlarge
Striation 1 by Tom MetcalfPainting detailsEnlarge
Clay Pit at Bacchus Marsh by Dennis BryansPainting detailsEnlarge
Monolith by Linda PerryPainting detailsEnlarge
Cedar Panel Suite 4 by Ian WellsPainting detailsEnlarge
Linoleum by Louise PurtellPainting detailsEnlarge
Sea Picture by Jeffery MurrellPainting detailsEnlarge
Keep by Ray PearcePainting detailsEnlarge
Gas Sisters by Ray PearcePainting detailsEnlarge
Cedar Panel Suite 2 by Ian WellsPainting detailsEnlarge
Wound by Deirdre OuthredPainting detailsEnlarge
The Divine Fool by Ross TrebilcockPainting detailsEnlarge
Quarry by Linda PerryPainting detailsEnlarge
High Rise by Deirdre OuthredPainting detailsEnlarge
Window by Louise PurtellPainting detailsEnlarge
Breakwater 1 by Louise PurtellPainting detailsEnlarge
Where Now by Ray PearcePainting detailsEnlarge
Rainbow Serpent by Ross TrebilcockPainting detailsEnlarge
Map 1 by Geoff SayerPainting detailsEnlarge
Cedar Panel Suite  1 by Ian WellsPainting detailsEnlarge
Monuments by Linda PerryPainting detailsEnlarge
Howling by Deirdre OuthredPainting detailsEnlarge
Resonant Landscape by Louise PurtellPainting detailsEnlarge
Horizon by Geoff SayerPainting detailsEnlarge
A Little Blue by Ian WellsPainting detailsEnlarge
Vertical Form by Deirdre OuthredPainting detailsEnlarge
Past Perceived 3 by Ian WellsPainting detailsEnlarge
Lonely Road by Ray PearcePainting detailsEnlarge