The development of “Generation”

Many visual artists regard drawing as the basis of their skill and creativity.

Often the final images that are realized in the form of paintings, prints, sculpture and the like are the product of a sequence of drawings that facilitate the development of the underlying idea.

The drawings shown here are some of a range used by Ray Pearce in the development of aspects of the print “Generation”.

The references for these drawings are clearly from a wide range of sources that relate to the subject and interact with one another to form a type of narrative.

The nature of visual art is that this “narrative” or “subject” will evoke varied responses.

On one level the subject itself will be interpreted in various ways.

On another level the image will be interpreted by a response to the way the artist has employed visual qualities such as light and shade, line, texture etc. to provide an emotional context.

Printmakers generally will employ every stage of the process of making the print to add depth of expression to the final image.


Detail drawings



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