Sea Picture

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This print titled “Sea Picture” by Jeffery Murrell grew out of his experiences diving off the coast and looking back at the surf line. The view takes in the underwater surges, the surface agitation and the release of energy felt at the margin of land and sea. The different elements are drawn together to show the interactions of this environment. The print is derived from a range of drawings and is similar to his oil paintings in the way it is formed from a series of visual layers. The image is printed on a very pure cotton paper called “portfolio rag” with pigment inks that over time retain their original colour. The ink embeds in the smooth mat surface of this paper to reveal subtle detail and colour.

One Response to “Sea Picture”

  1. Louise Purtell says:

    Having experienced skin diving off the Warrnambool coastline, with its vicious rocky reefs and cliffs, Jeffery Murrell’s
    sea picture rekindles that moment every skin diver knows of breaking through the transitional plane of water and air. That moment is one of disorientation and shock at the realism of the world above, so much so that the first inclination is to submerge again quickly.
    Jeffery’s sea picture shows both worlds – the underworld with its softly swaying forest of velvet green and the cliffs above the break water, above the turbulence to the welcome pink of the late afternoon light on the cliff face. A welcome not to be trusted and avoided at all costs least you are dashed to pieces.
    This work takes time to reveal itself to the viewer in all its complexity and mystery. Its the mystery that stirs the imagination and provides for an enduring engagement.

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